Free Wall Street Journal Audio Newscast : 800-WSJ-3916

I was reading the Wall Street Journal for lunch (yes, I’m a WSJ junkie) and found an interesting little notice on one of their financial pages.

Apparently, there’s a free Wall Stret Journal Audio Newscast Portal available for anyone to call in and listen to at 1-800-WSJ-3916 (800-975-3916). It works from any phone and is toll free.

Once the automated system picks up, you will have the following options to pick from…

  • Pressing 1 gets you the “Wall Street Journal report”, a two minute update on breaking news that’s updated twice an hour.
  • Pressing 2 gets you the “Dow Jones Money Report”, a one minute update on what is going on in the markets that’s updated every hour.
  • Pressing 3 gets you the “Whats News” headlines from the Wall Street Journal Online, and is updated three times a day.
  • Pressing 4 gets you the “Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing”, which gives all the tech stories of the day and is updated twice daily.
  • Pressing 5 gets you the “Morning Watch Stock Talk”, which reviews what is currently moving the stock market and is updated every weekday morning.
  • Pressing 6 gets you to “Your money matters”, which reviews advice on budgets and personal financial stories and is updated every weekday morning.
  • Pressing 7 gets you to “Money Markets and More”, which reviews the day ahead on wall street and is updated every weekday morning.
  • Pressing 8 gets you to “Wall Street Journal This Morning” which covers early morning news and is updated every weekday morning.

You can press the * key to go back to a previous menu at any time.

This is a pretty cool freebie!

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WSJ Audio Newscast

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