The problem with Dave

When someone cheats on you, it’s devastating. Devastating. There is no other word for it. There is no kind way to frame it.

A few days ago, David Letterman admitted on his show “he is the victim of an alleged extortion attempt and admitted to having sexual relations with several members of his staff”. A few mild jokes later, ha ha, it’s so funny, and let’s not talk about it anymore. Next guest!

Fine. But I think David missed one very critical thing.

Nevermind the blackmail or the producer or the money. David needs to apologize to Regina Lasko. Because since this was revealed in the public eye, it needs to be addressed in the public eye. He has apologized to his staff, his audience, his friends, but nothing to the woman who has been with him since 1986. 23 years and one child apparently doesn’t merit one public “mea cupla”.

On his show, in the same context as the original confession, he needs to say “Regina, I’m sorry for having cheated on you.” Then take a week or two off to really seriously work on the relationship. Quit going back to the scene of the crime and hiding behind work. Go home, take your hits, and make things better. I’m sure Craig Ferguson will be happy to cover the Late Show.

And if you go back and there isn’t any love? Let them go. Quit wasting someone’s life who loves you if you really don’t have the same love for them back. Let them go to be with someone who will really love them just as much as they loved you.

Cheating is anything you can’t do in front of your partner. If they’re OK with having whatever done right in front of them, then it’s not cheating. It’s as simple as that.

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