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Buzz Corry

I just opened trunk number one, and this is the first thing that popped out.  A Buzz Corry : Color Book.

Buzz Corry coloring book

Buzz Corry coloring book

Wow. Talk about a completely different era. According to Google Book Search, “The classic television series Space Patrol was a stellar success for ABC from 1950 to 1955.”

Needless to say, it’s not actually a possession of my own childhood. It’s a “find” me and my first college roommate (Daaave!) came across when we opened an empty luggage trunk while searching an abandoned, condemned, and possibly haunted mansion’s attic at 2 AM in early 1989.

Yeah. That one’s a long story.

Anyhow, I color corrected most of the pages in Photoshop because they are all a funky shade of very-very-old-paper yellow. I left the first page as-is so you can see the book’s “real” condition. The last page of this book fell off after I scanned it, and overall it’s in really rough shape.

Here’s some links where you can download a full copy. The SAMPLE is just a copy of the yellow front page. The FULL is the entire thing scanned and color corrected in PDF format.





UPDATE : Or just read it online right here!


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  1. Donna

    The original Spaceman Spiff?!

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