Where to find your BitLocker key for Windows 10 or Surface pro

Hopefully you will never ever need to know this, but in case you ever have to re-format or “refresh” your Windows 10 and/or Surface Pro device, you’re going to need to know where to find the BitLocker key for your device.

To find your BitLocker key, just go to…


Log in with the SAME Microsoft ID you used for your Windows 10 or Surface Pro device. In a few moments, a list of all your BitLocker recovery keys will show up. Choose the BitLocker key that corresponds with the hardware you are repairing and you’re set.

Unfortunately, if you are ever asked for your BitLocker key, it means you’re in the process of restoring the former Windows 10 or Surface Pro device from zero, so you won’t be able to copy and paste the BitLocker key directly – you will have to type in the 48 character code manually across devices.