I’m an IT expert that’s addicted to cigars, Whataburger, and tech stuff. (Does adding “music”, “science” and “hardback books” get me a free hipster card?)


A super long time ago I was the Email manager for Omnicom in Dallas for 3 years. Then I was the network administrator for a major Hispanic ad agency (Dallas & California) and also part of the IT board of the AAAA (NYC) for 8 years.

Before all that, I got a MA, a double BA and a buncha’ minors from SFA.

Right now I’m living in deeeep deep south Texas with my gorgeous wife, and we’re enjoying a goofball happiness that is probably illegal in some countries.

This is what I look like if I was a cartoon…




….and this is what I look like if I was in the movie PREDATORS and had a stunt double that looked a lot like Adrien Brody.


(Ripped from PREDATORS).