Project 266 kickoff – 5 CDs a week for a year

So I’ve just added up how many CDs I purchased at the $1 sale a local store was having to liquidate their entire music collection.

Initially I purchased 77 CDs for $77, but now the grand total is 266 audio CDs.

I spent $266 to get audio CDs that averaged $11.99 each at regular retail price. If I bought these CDs at their original price of $11.99 * 266 = $3,189.34.

I saved $2,923.34.

That’s just all kinds of nuts.

I’m ripping them all now, but every week I’ll post a review of 5 CDs from the stash. Maybe daily. I figure if I actually focus on 5 CDs a week, I’ll get a better appreciation of them over the course of a year.

I’m gonna need a very big friggin’ hard drive to dump all these to now.

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