A look inside a self-serve cappuccino machine

You know those self-serve “cappuccino” machines that vend all different kinds of flavored coffees? The ones that look like this…


I saw one that was left open yesterday. While I wasn’t expecting a barista on duty, I wasn’t expecting to see this either…


It’s all powdered mix.

The powdered mix is apparently measured out and sprinkled over a hot water tube and, at least at this location, dispensed through never-cleaned spigots.


Oh, and that spinning whirring noise when you press the button before the “coffee” flows? It’s not a coffee bean grinder revving up – it is just a special effect to sell the product.

I don’t know why I had assumed there were actual coffee beans somewhere in those devices. From now on, I’m sticking to the real stuff.

#OccupyMonopoly game rules

Here’s the semi-official #OccupyMonopoly game rules. Apply at your own peril.

When one player has over three complete property “sets” (EX: Boardwalk and Park Place, Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue, etc.), they are designated as “the 1%”. All other players become “the 99%.”

Any member of the 99% may build temporary houses on any of the 1%’s property without the 1%’s permission.

Building a temporary house costs 1/2 a normal home’s construction cost for that space, and the token must be placed upside down on the game board beside any of the 1%’s existing structures.

Rent fees for any player landing on an “occupied” space is 1/2 the standard rate while the 99% is occupying a 1%’s space.

The 1% may only remove/evict one of the 99%’s homes on their property in any one of three ways : #1 when their own token passes GO and they collect $200 #2 if they pay $400 to the bank to forcibly evict one 99% structure or #3: if a 99% will trade a structure to get out of jail. (see next rule)

When a 99% player who has built a structure on a 1% property lands on or passes the “jail/just visiting” combo space, they must roll the dice a second time. A 6 or less means they have been arrested and MUST go to jail. (A 7 or higher means they can move on.) A 99% player must remain in jail for a number of turns based on a single dice roll by the 1% player. (EX: If the 1% player rolls a 5, the 99% player must stay in jail for 5 turns). However a 99% player may completely bypass jail time if they remove their own structure from a 1% property.

Play continues until the 1% surrenders their monopoly, the 99% are all jailed at the same time, or the players all quit and play another game.