200th post!

Just a little personal milestone here… this is the 200th post in this blog!

I remember as a kid that “issue 200” of my favorite comics usually meant something spectacular was about to happen. Some crazy new adventure would begin, some major character would get added or taken out of the storyline, or most thrilling and terrifying of all… a new writer and/or artist would start work on the next issue of the comic.

I’m still messing around with what goes where in this blog, but things are finally settling into a somewhat stable pattern. My sincere thanks to everyone who has been reading along this whole time!

And now, thanks to CoverBroswer.com, some “200th issue!” eye candy from my childhood…

Road trip wipeout

Business based road trip today. Another one scheduled for tomorrow. 8 hours on the highway this week, and it ain’t even Wednesday yet. Eeeesh.

Things will return to normal ASAP.

In the meantime, some quick observations…

* Coffee at gas stations is surprisingly stronger and better tasting than most Starbucks.

* You need a truck past a certain point in Texas. Drive anything else and it’s at your own peril.

* Rest areas in Texas have free Wifi. But the vending machines are still behind iron gates.

* Funyuns taste better on road trips.

* Sometimes it’s better to turn off the A/C, roll down the windows, put on the classics, and enjoy the ride.