The FDA says don’t drink “Miracle Mineral Solution” because it’s mostly bleach

The FDA issued a warning late Friday for everyone “…not to take Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid also known as “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or “MMS.””

The good news is that, for once, an FDA “warning” item isn’t about a product that’s trying to sneak some Viagra through the retail channel! The bad news? “The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.”

Not just regular bleach. Industrial bleach. For people to drink.


The loophole appears to be that it’s not bleachy as it shipps in the Miracle Mineral Solution bottle, but only becomes bleachified when you follow the Solution’s directions on how to mix it at home.

The FDA says… “the product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment. High oral doses of this bleach, such as those recommended in the labeling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration.”

Damn damn.

But wait! It gets better! This “Miracle Solution” does all this bleachicanification because it claims it will treat “…HIV, hepatitis, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer, and other conditions.”

Damn damn damn.

Here’s the link to the official FDA recall/warning notice.

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