Update on StopThisBill.Org

Well, that was humbling.

That personal project website I put up has generated exactly nothing. The consensus from people I asked about StopThisBill.Org is that Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts has made the whole website unnecessary.

My problem is that I prefer a well thought out healthcare bill as opposed to the train wreck is is still floating out there… and I wanted to send a message about that.

I do still think it is possible for the Democrats to try and pushing the poorly constructed bill through for a presidential signature regardless that Scott Brown now has a seat. It would be a protracted and very dirty fight, but it could be done. And it is also conceivable if the Democrats can get just a few Republicans to turn to supporting the bill, the bill can be pushed through even though Scott Brown has the ability to generate a Republican filibuster.

Even though my StopThisBill.Org project wound up as cannon fodder, it’s not all bad. I actually learned some things.

* People are passionate about politics. Even if there’s a common direction, everyone will have a different way they want to get there.

* Peer review is good. Asking for opinions from people who know more than you do will bring out some outstandingly good feedback.

* Don’t get attached to projects.

* Run with your ideas. If I paid attention to my gut instincts and put this website up when I first thought of it, it might have made a blip on the collective radar. Miss by an inch or a mile, it’s still a miss.

* Decent domain names are still available.

* 1&1 hosting is awesome.

* I can generate a website like StopThisBill.Org from absolutely nothing in less than 24 hours.