News stories the mainstream media missed : 08/07/10**

Here are some news stories from this week that I think the mainstream media completely missed out on. All links are from legitimate news sources and not the fringe / wacko sites.

* The triceratops never existed? What? WHAT?! Dammit! So now who is gonna’ pimp slap around the T-Rex? What are little kids gonna’ pretend to have the big Jurassic smackdown with? [GIZMODO]

* File this under “highly suspicious.” Remember back in 2009 there was a woman who was shot and killed by the Iranian military for having the balls to protest against them? And it was caught on video and put all over the internet? Weeeellll as it turns out Neda Agha-Soltan is really alive. Except her name is Zahra Soltani. She fled Iran, but she wants the world to know she’s not really dead. Uh huh. [NEW YORK TIMES]

* Jailbreaking and ripping DVDs are now legal!! Now somebody needs tell the MPAA to stop putting those STUPID commercials before every movie because the answer is YES WE CAN! [NEOWIN]

* A ginormous asteroid might collide with earth in…. 2182. That’s only, what, 172 years left to go?! Everybody panic! [TECHVERT]

* Your kindergarten teacher affects your whole life? Dude! So howcome I can’t remember who it was? Then again, not remembering who it was might explain a few things. [NEW YORK TIMES]

* Now for a bit of grim news… Sabreen Haq, a dying 12 year old girl, had one wish. To have a home, not an apartment, to live in before she died. The community and local schools all got together and raised $120,000 for her to buy a home with. Awesome! So Sabreen’s mother, Maysoon Haq, gave her own cousin, Hamza Abuhamdeh, every penny to go buy a home for them. Abuhamdeh bought a home alright, but he never let anyone move in. “Instead, he rented out the house to another family. Police said he also put the home in his name and not Maysoon’s. Police said they tried to get him to either give the money back or let Maysoon’s family move into the home, but Abuhamdeh only came up with $30,000.” Make a Wish foundation did the best they could and sent Sabreen to Disnayland, but the little girl died right after the trip. Abuhamdeh? He’s “currently out of jail on bond.”  Seriously, I wonder how long it took Abuhamdeh to file down his horns and paint them over. [NEWSNET5]

* Things in Iraq? Still war-a-riffic, thanks! [BOSTON.COM]

* Want to see some bling bling on the bang bang? Here’s some photos of some Mexican cartel pistols that have been waaaay over accessorized. [TELEGRAPH.CO.UK]

* Finally, lots of serious food allergies are on the rise, and the doctors have no idea why. I think I do. <1989 Batman voice on> The doctors have it wrong. They’re looking for one product. The Joker has tainted hundreds of chemicals at the source. The poison only works when the components are mixed. Hairspray won’t do it alone, but hairspray mixed with lipstick and perfume would be toxic. And untraceable. Take that to the press. </1989 Batman voice off> [CNN]

That’s all I got this week! Back Monday.

** Actually posted late late Sunday because my internet connection was all Smurfed up this weekend.