Finally! The Wall Street Journal! [PHOTO]

Finally! After years of going without…

The Wall Street Journal - the print edition! In my hands! In deeeeeeep south Texas!!

Laugh if you want. When I first moved down here to the Texas valley, getting this newspaper was not possible. Seriously. There was only the option of “Sundays only”, and even then the paper was not always delivered on Sundays!

But finally…. FINALLY… I can read the Wall Street Journal! The current edition! Every day! At 5:30 AM!

Glory Hallelujah!

The New York Times still has delivery “2 days after publication” for my area, and that’s not acceptable. The Chicago Tribune only has their electronic edition for my area, and The Washington Post only has their “e-replica” paper, which I don’t want either.

But for now, I’m stupidly happy. Seriously. This has made my week.

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