Holy Birds and the Bees, Batman! [PHOTO]

I was out with my gorgeous wife at a local WalMart this last Saturday and I saw this three-hole-punched folder in the school supplies display in the front of the store.

The headline says “What startling shock awaits the Dynamic Duo… and you!!”

Batman is pulling a curtain back, pointing at a woman wearing a skintight costume (or something less). We can’t see who he’s pointing to, but the shadow of the woman is making the “come here” gesture (that or she’s holding something invisible).

Robin is in shock, and says…

“No, Batman! It’s not true… It can’t be!”

Batman says…

“You better believe it, Robin. That’s the way it has to be.”

Check it out…


Dude. Seriously. I’m still laughing.

Here’s the back of the folder. It’s a real product from DC comics.


And of course I bought it!