The Wendy’s “Pookie Bear” ringtone? It’s by Callaghan Smerek.

Do you know that “Pookie Bear” ringtone that’s played for just a few seconds on the latest Wendy’s commercial? (It’s @ :16 seconds in)

The artist’s name is Callaghan Smerek, and she’s got a Facebook fan page here. Her latest wall post today said “Wendy’s told me they’d be releasing it (the pookie bear ringtone) very soon, so keep your fingers crossed!! I’m really happy you like it!!!!:)”

Seeing how many people have asked about the “Pookie Bear” song after hearing only 2 seconds of it, and the Wendy’s facebook page is getting flooded with requests too, I’m betting Callaghan is going to be a major top 20 musical artist in 3, 2…

UPDATE 10/21/10 : Wendy’s just posted the “Pookie Bear” ringtone by Callaghan Smerek!

The free download is on Wendy’s facebook page hiding next to DISCUSSIONS under the >> “pookie bear” tab, or you can just click here to get the zip file direct from Wendy’s right now!

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