News stories the mainstream media missed : 01/15/11

Here are some news stories from this week that I think the mainstream media completely missed out on. All links are from legitimate news sources and not the fringe / wacko sites.

* The US government is recruiting everyday regular people to find out the best ways to blow up the US. The government then takes those ideas and comes up with stuff to keep to keep it from happening. Imagine the resume after having that job? 2010-2011 : Employed at modern day culper ring. Highly experienced in discovering new and exciting ways to destroy the United States. Classified references available with appropriate clearance. [NY DAILY NEWS]

* OK, what do you think would happen if I walked into a bank and told them “I’ve been direct depositing my paycheck every month here, so I would like to collect the interest on my future checks I’ll be getting throughout 2011 right now. In advance.” How far do you think I would be thrown into the street? Well the banks themselves are doing something similar to this little trick! They’re taking interest on foreclosed homes and counting them as income even though nobody is actually paying the mortgage or the interest! It’s ghost money! When the actual foreclosure finally goes through, the banks will then take the ghost money off the books. “Many bank financial statements actually look much better than they actually are… ultimately, the banks face a potential loss of $1 trillion on nonperforming loans.” I think I finally understand how epic financial crises start. [FORBES]

* President Obama renewed the Patriot Act for another year without any kind of complaint whatsoever. Doesn’t that kinda’ go against, oh, EVERYTHING HE WAS VOTED INTO OFFICE FOR? I’ll just put this in the growing “Guantanamo” pile. [EXAMINER]

* Apparently “the amount of dust in the Earth’s atmosphere has doubled over the last century.” You watch. Somebody is going to tie this into global warming, La Nina and cow farts before the end of the year. [SCIENCE DAILY]

* The FDA has ordered Vicodin and Percocet to dial back some of the acetaminophen painkiller ingredients in their products because they have labeled it as APAP. This is good because since most people didn’t know APAP = acetaminophen, they would combine Viocdin and Percocet with Tylenol or other acetaminophen based painkillers. Too much acetaminophen will completely nuke your liver form orbit, so the FDA gets the extra point on this one. [HUFFINGTON POST]

* Apparently a veggie-rich diet will make you more beautiful. Great. Science has just given PETA more ammo for those “I’d rather be nude” ads. [TIME]

* Finally, researchers may have found a cure for Tinnitus! Yes! Set all speakers to 11! [DALLAS OBSERVER]

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