A question about the FBI’s “stingray” : a letter to the WSJ

After reading the Wall Street Journal’s story on the FBI’s Stingray use, I thought I would throw in my two cents on the matter in a letter to the editor.

Eesh. I’m turning into one of those people.



Regarding the FBIs “stingray” tracking device (Thursday Sept. 22 p1): What would happen if I, as a private citizen, built a device to impersonate a cell phone tower and drove around my city intercepting signals from cell phones?

Regardless of my intent, I think I would be arrested and charged with several FCC and Patriot Act violations.

Since this device would be illegal for a private citizen to use, I believe law enforcement should have to obtain a warrant to use this device themselves. A warrant that specifically states the number or name being searched for, the area to be canvassed, and the reason for initiating the search.

Just because it is easy to use a piece of technology does not make legal to do so in and of itself.

-Royce Eddington
McAllen, Texas