RIM’s Blackberry Playbook WiFi dropping? Here’s the fix until Feb ’12

Looong story short, if you have a RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and your WiFi connection keeps dropping…

  1. Switch the WiFi routers you connect to (and that are under your control) to 802.11g (no B or N), and set the security to a WPA2 \ AES combo (Don’t choose TKIP!).
  2. On the PlayBook go to WIFI settings (under the drop-down GEAR icon)
  3. In the WIFI settings, next to the SELECT A NETWORK, click the pop-up and go down to SAVED NETWORKS.
  4. In the SAVED NETWORKS list, click on the Pencil icon and hit the trash can icon (DELETE) every saved network you have.
  5. Turn OFF the WIFI by moving the slider button to OFF
  6. Now hold down the power button on top of the PlayBook until the black “POWERING OFF” icon appears (keep holding it past the three-color TURN OFF, STANDBY and RESTART buttons and let the PlayBook turn off by itself.)
  7. Once the PlayBook is off, let it sit for 60 seconds.
  8. Turn on the playbook and re-connect to the network you tweaked in step one.

The PlayBook won’t drop one bit of data from then on!

A little inside scoop I got today told me that Blackberry Playbooks are “really finicky” about their network connections, and even though this workaround is rock solid, “a Playbook update in February (2012) will take care of ALL of the WiFi connection problems”.

I’m glad RIM realized not all WiFi networks are 802.11g / AES.  WiFi that doesn’t drop is a absolute must if you want to be a contender.

17 thoughts on “RIM’s Blackberry Playbook WiFi dropping? Here’s the fix until Feb ’12

  1. Blackberry Playbook tabs are unlike blackberry phones cannot be used as regular phone but it is a complete notebook having features for multi-tasking equipped with HD Video streaming technology and other features that is best for games and entertainment other than business purposes

  2. This sounds like good advice and it’s similar (re dropping the “n” from the router settings) to the Blackberry support people told me to do to fix my wifi dropping issue. However, I don’t know how to make this change on my router settings. (They told me to go to my Internet provider, which I don’t think is correct). Can you help please. Love this new Playbook, but the wifi issue certainly is a downer.

    • Look on the back of your wifi router and see if there is a pre-stamped web address and login-password combo. (For example, Netgear devices usually have the web address routerlogin.net as an login point and “admin” as the user and “password” as the password.) Most of the time, if the router was just plugged in from the store, what is stamped on the back will still be valid. If there’s nothing pre-stamped on the back of the router, try logging into the router with either or in your web browser. One of those IP addresses should get you to a login page where you can type in your username and password. Once you are logged into your router, look in the WIFI or WAN settings for the b/c/d/n WiFi settings to change. Good luck!

  3. This appears to have corrected my issue. I previously had tried the same process with the exception of the Full Power Off. I was using the battery icon and then selecting Turn Off. I guess this is not quite a full power off.

  4. Since the February 12th update I have only been able to connect to Wifi once (at home only) and it took me almost a week of trying. Took the playbook with me on the bus today to work and once again no Wifi. Will not connect me at work or my son’s house and I was able to connect to all of these prior to the 12th with no problem.

    Machine does not even notify me of hotspots anymore.

  5. I waited for the OS 2 upgrade (which is awesome) to see if it fixed my home Wifi issue, and it was somewhat better, but still occasionally dropped the signal after 30 or 60 minutes. Decided to make the change to 802.1g only on my router. Within seconds the PlayBook connected and it works great. I’m grateful for the information you provided above. Once I found the correct screen on my router settings, it was simple. Thanks.

  6. Thank you this advice fixed my wifi problem. The 802.11g is key, I still showed a / n. after the g but did not pose a problem

  7. Thanks for this fix. Followed the instructions and now my playbook works perfectly at home.

  8. Unfortunately i am out of town (vietnam) can’t change the router setting here, but when i get home will def. give it a try. Frustrated though i can’t enjoy watching movies without it dropping.

  9. I have the original PB, first edition, and since yesterday I cannot connect to my home WIFI. All my other gadgets iPhone, iPad, and BB phone are fine, but PB is not. I tried everything and it attempts then it says password or setting is wrong.. Well, it is NOT, so hell knows. Can someone help?

  10. Can’t thank you enough for this tip. Had the same problem with my first Playbook and ended up getting it replaced under guarantee…… only to suffer the same fate 12 months later with the replacement!! Wish I’d known this earlier!! Thanks again.

  11. Same problem as above…very frustrating. I was a fan of RIM til I got this playbook. It is NOT user friendly in so many ways!

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