“Crispy Sweet Bread” is a LIE

For those of you that don’t know already, here’s a very important safety tip: “Crispy Sweet Bread” is neither sweet nor is it a bread.

I was at a restaurant and ordered this innocent sounding side, expecting some professional variation of a Krispy Kreme donut.

No. Oh no. “Crispy Sweet Bread” is, in fact, some seriously twisted cousin of chitlins.

Lies. Damn lies!

WHY call something “Crispy Sweet Bread” if NONE of the words involved in the description are in the dish?!? If I wanted chitlins, I would have ordered chitlins!

That’s OK. That’s alright. Two can play that game.

From now on…

  • “Louisiana Swiss Cake” will refer to unshaven pig snouts
  • “Fluffy BooBoo Pancakes” will refer to unsalted burnt grits
  • “California Thai Tofu” will refer to rooster feet in BBQ sauce
  • “Basted German Apples” will refer to shoe leather

“Crispy Sweet Bread”… the nerve.