How to fight unsolicited texts if you have AT&T iPhone service

Have you ever received an unsolicited text on your iPhone from some scumbag trying to sell you something?

01 Text Scumbags IMG_7701

There’s a great way to fight this if you have AT&T. Forward it to their unsolicited legal department! When AT&T receives enough notices about a specific phone number or text block, they will take action on behalf of their subscribers!

First, PRESS DOWN on the original scumbag message until a pop-up appears and choose COPY.

02 Text Scumbags IMG_7702

Now to back to your main text listing and make a NEW TEXT MESSAGE to the number 7726

03 Text Scumbags IMG_7703

Click and HOLD DOWN in the field you usually type things and choose PASTE and then SEND the message. In a few seconds, you will receive the confirmation AT&T has received this message and needs just one more thing to apply the big boot of justice to these internet roaches.

04 Text Scumbags IMG_7704

Now go BACK to the scumbag text message and choose DETAILS in the upper right corner.

05 Text Scumbags IMG_7705

Once this window opens up, click on the I icon in the upper right corner.

06 Text Scumbags IMG_7706

Press and HOLD DOWN on the scumbag’s phone number and choose COPY when the pop-up appears.

07 Text Scumbags IMG_7708

Go alllll the way back to the message sent to 7726 and PASTE the phone number.

08 Text Scumbags IMG_7709

That’s it!! You have just helped take one more dirtbag off the internet!

On a related note, since I have started doing this about three weeks ago, my unsolicited text messages on my AT&T cell phone have gone from about three per day to ZERO.