Dallas Cowboys 1979 roster poster from McDonald’s

In a previous post, I mentioned McDonald’s used to give away epic promotional items when you visited their stores.

This was another one of their promotions. The Dallas Cowboys full-size roster poster from 1979.

The front…

Dallas Cowboys 1979 Poster Front 300dpi FlickrFormat
..and the back.

Dallas Cowboys 1979 Poster Back 300dpi FlickrFormat
Tom Landry was still the coach, Roger Staubach #12 was THE quarterback, and Tony Dorsett #33 was still on the team. Wikipedia has a summary of the 1979 season, but I do not remember anything about seeing the games from back then. I do vaguely remember the uproar when it was announced this was Staubach’s last season with the Cowboys.

The back of the poster should have been a standalone poster in its’ own right. It had detailed stats of the whole team with photos of their previous accomplishments, an “all-time” best chart by position played, and a special “ring of honor” near the center.

I don’t remember anything on how I originally got this poster, but I do remember it kept falling off my wall every year. I kept having to re-mount it, and used everything from putty to glue to duct tape. I had no idea back then how to mount a poster and keep it intact over time, and my lack of experience shows in the condition. I couldn’t get some of the tape off the back when I got it out of storage, and had to help guide this one through the poster scanner to get it through.

Even through this poster was in worse condition than the 1981 version I had, it still did very well rolled up in a cardboard tube in one of my Seward Trunks all these years.

Flickr only allows 300mb uploads, so this is a highly down-scaled version of the original 905mb TIFF scan.