Apple to launch Verizon iPhone q3 2010

Glory hallelujah! In a report posted on Apple Insider, Apple is preparing to move the iPhone to Verizon around July of 2010, as well as make the iPhone an official “global” phone by adding CDMA2000 network compatibility.

Buh bye AT&T!

For those of you who have contracts with AT&T that expire soon, DO NOT renew your contract with AT&T when your current contract ends. Just keep going month to month until July-ish of 2010. Then you can jump to Verizon free and clear when the new service (and probably some new iPhones) come out around then. You should be able to keep your iPhone and all the apps you have on it intact during the transition. Plus by staying on month to month, you won’t get popped with a $250-ish breach of contract fee from AT&T.

All I can say is that it’s about damn time. In case I haven’t mentioned it in the last two posts, I think AT&T cellular service sucks ass. I’ve never had such pathetic phone service as I have with the iPhone. Constantly dropped calls. Robotic sounding voices. Horrible coverage (1 bar most of the time. 2 bars once every blue moon). Piss poor 3g. And even a CEO who admits his company’s busted ass network can’t keep up with all the iPhone users.

The article says AT&T has… “a year to improve its 3G network and roll out the 3G MicroCell before being hit with mass defections from iPhone users irate over service issues.” Yeah. Right. AT&T spending money to improve their customer’s service? When they had all this time to get it right? That’s not gonna happen.

At least AT&T’s “busy network” problems will disappear when every iPhone subscriber jumps to Verizon. But I’m sure all the money AT&T saved by not upgrading the network to handle iPhone traffic will easily offset any losses in q3 2010. What’s the iPhone income for AT&T? 1%? 5%? It’s gotta be something ridiculously low for the service to be this bad.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!