Wrong key, Windows

Microsoft announced they’re adding a new key to all keyboards for AI integrations. I think they missed a huge opportunity to leverage decades of existing branding. Instead of a new key, why not make the *existing* Windows key *also* mean AI access? Add it all in there!

Easy pitch – show a wide range of consumers pressing the windows key and creating AI music, art, etc. The voiceover “it’s not just the windows key now. It’s the key to new windows. New worlds. New creations. It’s advanced AI. Windows.” End the ad with the windows logo.

Why make consumers learn something new when they have something very familiar right in front of them? The windows logo is well known, and is already on most of the keyboards already in the customer’s home!

The “new” key is nothing but a launcher. Drop all the AI additions into the existing Windows start menu and watch everyone associate AI with Windows.