News stories the mainstream media missed : 12/09/10

Here are some news stories from this week that I think the mainstream media completely missed out on. All links are from legitimate news sources and not the fringe / wacko sites.

* California shut down their recycling centers to save money. Now if Hollywood would quit recycling garbage, we’ll all be all set! [OAKLAND TRIBUNE and SACRAMENTO BEE]

* Oh no! The super rich who have never had to work for a living are losing money in this recession too! They’re having to take trips on friends’ yachts because they no longer have their own private yacht anymore! They’re having to purchase apartments for their mistresses as opposed to getting them a new home! The shame! The horror! To quote officer John McClaine (Bruce Willis) on the matter… “WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL!” [SPIEGEL]

* US car manufacturers still can’t figure out why nobody is buying any of their cars. Captain Obvious just flew in would and would like to point out there are now “246 milion licensed cars for 209 million licensed drivers”. Ah hah! That sounds like a clue! [GUARDIAN.UK]

* It’s not looking good long term for the United States. The Economist magazine just issued a big red honkin’ “Bubble” warning on government spending saying… “the prices of many assets are being held up by unsustainable fiscal and monetary stimulus. Something has to give.” These guys know money like Santa knows cookies, so if they say somethin’ bad is coming, you better go ahead and plan for it. [THE ECONOMIST]

* Oh, and unemployment is still at 10%. And it’s predicted to rise to 11% or more this year. Conveniently, the government doesn’t count people whose unemployment checks have run out as being unemployed since they are no longer receiving any unemployment checks after a year. Isn’t that kind of like saying someone no longer counts as being overweight after they’ve been overweight for over a year? I think the official unemployment level of 10% may be just a tad on the low side. [YAHOO]

* And to put the cherry on top, PBS did a special on the debt and how bad things are seeming. You know it’s bad when PBS puts a fork in you. [PBS and PBS FRONTLINE]

* The cooks in the government health care kitchen say “no transparency for you!” Even though the President specifically promised there would be transparency during this whole health care bill thing for America. Turns out – not so much. And on a related note, didn’t President Obama specifically promise during his campaign there would be absolutely no forced healthcare insurance? But now… it will be mandatory insurance or else you will get a fine and jail time. This isn’t the change I signed up for.  [CBS] and [YOUTUBE]

* China was down to their last tiger. Their last of these terrifying yet majestic of the great beasts in their whole entire country. And what did they do? Did they keep him safe by moving him away to another country or putting him in a giant secure habitat? Nah… they let a villager eat him. Tiger sandwiches anyone? [TELEGRAPH.CO.UK]

* And finally, something completely different. Peter Pan seems to be a home wrecker! At least in this high school play he was! And later, you can see some of the kids were also hitting the pixie dust a little hard that night.