Stephen King’s new novel “Under the Dome” looks familiar

Did you ever have something nagging you in the back of your mind? Something that says you’re just on the tip of catching something, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

I was on my weekly Barnes and Noble indulgence about a month ago and noticed Stephen King had a new book out called “Under the Dome.”

Stephen Kings Under The Dome book

Stephen King's Under The Dome book

According to a review on, it’s about “a small New England town… suddenly, inexplicably cut off from the rest of the world, trapping a large cast of characters inside (or outside) a huge, clear dome. As the emergency escalates, various heroes (and villains) emerge to play a part in the drama. What is the dome? Why is it there? Will the town survive?”

For some reason, that bugged me. But I couldn’t place why.

Flash forward to last night. Apparently the brain cell responsible for pulling data from the archives finally got around to finding the right files.

To me, Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” looks a lot like the “Girls” comic book series by Jonathan and Joshua Luna, published way back in 2005.

Check out these three pages from Girls issue #6 leading up to something that looks a bit like Stephen King’s book cover…

Girls issue #6 part 1

Girls issue #6 part 1

Girls Issue #6 part 2

Girls Issue #6 part 2

Girls Issue #6 Part 3

Girls Issue #6 Part 3

Plus, on the Girls comic book wikipedia page, the plot of the comic Girls is described as “…the story of the people of Pennystown, a community of 63 who are cut off from the rest of the world… The situation is complicated by… the discovery of an enormous reflective dome separating Pennystown from outside aid.”

I remember reading that comic series now! A small town named Pennystown suddenly and inexplicably was cut off from the rest of the world, trapping a large cast of characters inside a huge, opaque dome. As the emergency escalates (and monsters start appearing), various heroes, rednecks, innocents, and villains emerge in the drama. The story revolved on why the dome appeared, who brought it there, and who in the town would survive the attacks from the monsters.

Plus, at the introductory pages of the Girls comic book, there’s a map of the town of who lives where.

Girls comic map

Girls comic map

And Stephen King’s book?

Stephen Kings Under The Dome Map

Stephen King's Under The Dome Map


If I turned in something like this in college, I think I would have been called in to the dean and asked to explain some things.

Just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “Stephen King’s new novel “Under the Dome” looks familiar

  1. It is actually an OLD OLD idea that has been redone over and over…As far as I know, the original Twilight Zone did something like this early in the series and even then I think it was based on someone elses work…Then of course it had to be redone by the Newer Twilight zone…So it has been stolen and redone so many times it is no longer arguable.

  2. Also King tried to write “Under the DOme” back in the 70s but stopped after 2 weeks and didn’t try again until he wrote the book..

  3. ok, the idea of the dome may be around for years, but the way Under The Dome is portrayed is definitely extremely similar to Girls. i’ve only seen the first season so far, but to me the drama is much better in Girls. my only complain for the Luna brothers is that the ending was not really completely explained. But the rest of the issues were absolutely great. can’t say the same about UTD.

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