The infamous iPhone WiFi freezer trick – yes, it works

Sometimes my iPhone will refuse to “see” any WiFi connections. I’ll go to SETTINGS and choose WiFI, but no wireless networks will ever appear. I know the WiFi is good in the area because my laptop sees and connects to them, but for some reason, the iPhone doesn’t want to be nice and go out to play.

There are some times on the iPhone when I can go to GENERAL, then SETTINGS, then RESET and then choose RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. After the iPhone reboots, sometimes the WiFi comes back. Sometimes.

But when that doesn’t work, there’s one trick that always does.

I power off my iPhone. Put it in a Ziploc bag. And put the bag on the top shelf in the freezer.

About an hour or two later, I take it out and let it sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes. Then power it on.

Every single time, the WiFi works afterwards. Not kidding!

I think it has something to do with the heat the iPhone generates. I have a 1st generation iPhone, and when I play games on it or do anything fairly CPU intensive, I notice it gets pretty warm. Usually, that’s right before the WiFi goes out. I have no idea how to fix this myself, but the freezer trick works great for now!

4 thoughts on “The infamous iPhone WiFi freezer trick – yes, it works

  1. Two guys (HANDY77 & Azlec) in this forum said they put their motherboard in the oven to fix this problem. Their posts are at the bottom of the thread.

    Actually, HANDY77 said he did it and it worked. Azlec just said “it does work”. idk if that means Azlec actually did it or not.

    Maybe you can fix yours too.

  2. I bought a used iPhone 1st Gen and had it delivered in December when it was in the 30’s outside. Pulled it out of the box, it was freezing cold. Wifi worked then (briefly), but hasn’t worked since! So maybe there is something to this…

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  4. my iPhone 6plus has not been responding to my touch and sporadically works for about a minute or less at a time …. so I had heard of the “freezer trick” and it works!!! but only for a few minutes. of course I haven’t left the phone in the freezer for more then a few several minutes, but … why would this allow my iPhone to finally respond to my touch?! I mean its great if I’m home but what can I do when I’m out? I actually bought it to tech bench twice today and the first time they replaced my screen and told me the problem was solved…but soon as I got in my car it froze up and wouldn’t respond to my touch so I brought it back in and they said to leave it and they would fix it …so they replaced the battery .. called me and told me once again the problem was solved and low and behold I got home and the dam phone is freezing yet again and not responding to my touch!!! $200 later here I am surfing the web to find out what the hell is wrong with my iPhone and why it only works for a few minutes when I put it in the freezer…. =(

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