Is your twitter account sending out spam in your name? Try this…

If you have a twitter account that’s posting spam messages without your permission, you should follow these 7 steps to clear it up…

#1 – Log in to your Twitter account

#2 – Go to SETTINGS on the top right of the page

#3 – In the new page that appears, click on CONNECTIONS

#4 – Under the “You’ve allowed the following applications to access your account” headline is a list of every application and website that has permission to post to your twitter account. REVOKE ACCESS on everything. (You can keep “Google by Google Inc : Google/Twitter integration”, but that’s all I would recommend.)

#5 – Now click on SETTINGS  on the top right menu

#6 – In the new page that appears, click on PASSWORD

#7 – Change your password to something new

That should clear out the ghost in your twitter account.