AT&T is dumping their ad campaign and is rebranding

AT&T just doesn’t know what the hell to do anymore.

On a new story on Business Insider, they say that “AT&T is undertaking an ambitious rebranding effort under the banner “Rethink Possible” that includes a redesign that updates its trademark logo.”

AT&T is pulling in the big guns on this, using Omnicom Group’s BBDO ad agency for this project. I worked with Omnicom a loooong time ago, and I know firsthand they’re an awesome company, so expect some slick ads and PR for AT&T coming soon.

But despite all this, AT&Ts service still sucks. Their horrible service is the core problem they either will not or can not address. Until that core problem is fixed, all this new and improved imaging will just be burning money. Because when Consumer Reports labels you as the “worst carrier in the US”, and hundreds of bloggers (like me!) go out of their way to mention how horrible the cellular service is and keep as many new customers away as possible, I predict AT&T is will *not* see a lot of new subscribers regardless of how awesome the new ads are going to be.

I also predict AT&T will see a big “churn” this year (customers leaving their sorry service), as the first generation iPhone customers will finally be free to leave their cellular contracts without a financial penalty.

Hey AT&T, you’re a lot like the punk fighter who talks a lot of smack but gets knocked out in the second round by the champ. Saying you’re awesome means nothing. Do you want people to take you seriously? Want to be the champ? Quit talking trash and show us something. Spend 3/4 of that “rebranding” budget on substantial network upgrades so your own customers will notice and freak out at how awesome things are now that their calls don’t drop every two minutes and they get more than one bar of signal on their phone. Make your service so wonderful people recommend you to their friends.

As Craig Ferguson would say, “Ah hah hah! Made myself laugh!”

Here’s the link to the story on Business Insider.

AT&T Fail Logo No 2

AT&T Fail Logo No 2