Current oil spill photo from NASA [PHOTO]

This is how bad the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico is right now…

Oil Spill as of 06/22/10

That little white dot in the lower left area is where the oil spill started.

Those little patches of blue are what’s left of the ocean.

Click here to visit the NASA site with the original photo.

Click here to see a giant photo of the region from a little higher up (NOTE: large 10mb image)

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

EDIT / UPDATE: Just found this forecast of its’ potential spread…

Who ships a slightly customized laptop faster – Apple or Dell UPDATE

In an earlier post, I mentioned that back on the 8th of June I ordered a laptop from Dell and that I also ordered a Mac laptop on the 10th of June. Both had similar configs and identical shipping preferences, but the Mac got to me first on June 16th.

It’s been one week with the new Mac, and I’ve been happily running Windows 7 and Vista under Parallels and running the latest Ubuntu and assorted miscellaneous server images under VMware Fusion. All this in addition to the usual Mac software I’ve had installed on my previous laptop.

The Dell was supposed to ship on June 24th. Today the status changed to say the new and improved estimated shipping date is June 30th.

Over three weeks to get a laptop? Dude! Not funny!

Red Pill Screensaver settings

I’m in the middle of re-installing some minor updates to my new MacBook Pro and just got around to the screensavers today.

There’s a old matrix-scrolling-code screensaver called RedPill that the developer (very graciously) had updated for use on 10.6.

After installing the update, I went to OPTIONS…

Red Pill 01

Red Pill 01

…and noticed a setting on the very bottom right to “ENABLE SPOON”.

Red Pill 02

Red Pill 02

Clicking on ENABLE SPOON brought up this dialog…

Red Pill 03

Red Pill 03

And after clicking OK…

Red Pill 04

Red Pill 04

…there is no spoon.


Even though the Matrix came out 11 years ago, I still have this screensaver (or a variant of it) installed on most of my laptops. I figure it’s better than yelling at kids to get off my lawn.