Perhaps this is an example of why the Post Office is bleeding money

I think I have a clue on why the US Post Office is bleeding money.

I won a very hard to find item off Ebay on the 8th. The seller only uses USPS, so I chose “Priority Mail” 2 day for shipping. The item was sent out on the 9th from Maryland.

Today, looking at the USPS “Track and Confirm” page, I saw my package was “Processed through Sort Facility, February 10, 2011, 8:25 pm, ANAHEIM, CA 92899”

The package went from the edge of the East coast all the way to the edge of the West coast to get to me in the deep deeeeep South Texas valley.

Somebody at the USPS needs to hire a logistics ninja away from UPS or FedEx. This coast-to-coast-to-coast bouncing is beyond ridiculous.