No Wall Street Journal for 20 days? Major fail.

I was totally geeked out when I got my subscription to the Wall Street Journal started back in August. I enjoyed the daily paper with my morning coffee and was hoping this was the start of getting other “big hitters” like the New York Times and the Washington Post down here in the Texas valley as well.

What’s that guy in the Simpsons always say? Not Homer, but the bully kid… oh yeah! “HA-HA!!!”

As of May 2nd, I haven’t received one single newspaper. That’s 20 Wall Street Journals I’ve missed because of “production issues”. (I get M-Sat only. Sundays were never an option.)

Every day I call it in, file it online, and send a direct email to Wall Street Journal customer service. I’m using three different venues in the vain hope one of those departments can actually do something about it.

Every single day, the 1-800 customer service number had the same old excuse. I can quote verbatim what I’m always told…

“Hello Mr Eddington. It seems there was a production problem in your area. We will escalate this to the regional distributor in your area and urgent copy the regional manager. We will also credit your account for the missed issue. Tomorrow you will get a copy of today’s paper with the most recent edition. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

At this rate, they’re going to need a dump truck to deliver all the back issues they owe me.

The email reply is about the same.

“Thank you for subscribing to The Wall Street Journal. We are writing to follow-up on your recent complaint regarding your Journal newspaper delivery. We would like to again apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. There is no need to respond if the issue has been resolved and you are pleased with the way your concerns were addressed.”

The only links in the email are to the 1-800 number I listed above or to the same address that just sent me the auto-response.


I’m not sure if the regional distributor has a sudden case of “don’t give a damn-itis”, if the Wall Street Journal drew a line across Texas and said “nothing below that line gets a newspaper anymore!”, or if there’s just not enough material after the local crap gets printed for a real newspaper to get run on.

I’m tired of paying for something I haven’t received. Fortunately, I have a blog to post my rants on. Hmmm…. what should I end with? Ah! How about…

Texas valley subscribers beware! The Wall Street Journal delivery isn’t reliable!

Let’s see what happens form here.

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