RT Tuesdays : 02/15/11

Every Tuesday I re-post all zee tweets that didn’t originate from this blog just to keep everything in sync.

This week on Twitter…

  • My dog’s reaction to me falling off a ladder: OH! ARE YOU OK MASTER? KISS! KISS! — My cat’s reaction: Well that was more stupid than usual. (February 14th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • Tonight’s insomnia thought: We’re eventually going to need to find a way to stop the black hole in the galaxy’s center from squishing us. (2:38 AM Feb 13th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • I dreamt I got a fairy godfather. He granted me anything I wanted as long as I gave him 70% as a “donation” to the local fairy union. (7:52 PM Feb 12th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • @billamend My system: all illustrated and “I have a story about that” on bookshelf. Unread go in box-of-holding. Kindle all text only books. (6:14 PM Feb 12th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to billamend)
  • Random revelation at a “Ofrendas del Corazon” charity auction I’m attending: It’s better to invest in the future than waste on the past. (6:21 PM Feb 11th via Twitter for iPhone)
  • More useless revelations. “Hosni Mubarak” is an anagram for “Oh I Snub Karma” AND “An amok hubris”. Explains absolutely nothing #Egypt. (8:35 PM Feb 10th via web)
  • Just had a completely useless revelation. “Hosni Mubarak” is an anagram for “Oh I Snub Karma”. (8:27 PM Feb 10th via web)
Shake weight

Shake weight